The flowers that grow out of our confetti

Our flower seed confetti contains*:

 Chrysanthemum Golden Ball (chrysant) Gypsophila Elegans white (bruidsluier / gipskruid)  Antirrhinum Rainbow mix (leeuwenbek)
chrysant confetti gipskruid confetti leeuwenbek confetti
Iberis Umbellata mixed (scheefbloem) Ageratum Blue mink (donsbloem) Petunia mixed
scheefbloem confetti donsbloem confetti petunia confetti
Lobularia Snowcloth (schildzaad) Godetia Azalea double mixed Dorotheanthus mixed (ijsbloem)
schildzaad confetti azalea confetti ijsbloem confetti

Best results are gained from sowing between March and September and watering your confetti regularly. 


Sow your confetti in a pot or your garden. Cover with a little soil, water regularly, protect from freezing and wait....

Soon you'll see this:                                      

 Bloembak bloemzaad confettibloemzaad confetti planten kiemenPlants from confetti


*Because of different times and ways of sowing we cannot guarantee that all flowers will bloom, nor that all of the above will be in your bag.