We LOVE to make people smile.

And everyone smiles when they get to throw confetti or get it thrown on them.

We also love the environment and we want to make sure that our fun doesn’t hurt anything or anyone.

We spread love and joy through confetti. We hand it out at events, throw it around wherever we can and we sell biodegradable flower seed confetti for any occasion. We’ve found that our motto “spread it where it’s needed” allows for both happy and sad occasions.

spread love            

Flower seed confetti is great fun for outdoor events, guerilla gardening and as a thoughtful small gift. It’s a beautiful support for those who need a little bit of joy. We handed it out on a camp site where a party got canceled due to the corona virus, putting smiles on everyone’s faces as there was some joy in this small gift of flowers for the future.
Unexpectedly, we also found that it brought warmth and peace at funerals and memorial places, replacing the throwing of dirt and celebrating the life of the person who passed.

Both the confetti and the flowers that grow out of it brighten up any place. More about the flower that grow out of our confetti here.

Rice paper confetti is the festive, throw it everywhere until you have a carpet of colors beneath your feet kind of confetti. Harmless, fun and especially suitable for garden parties. We love to surprise people by sprinkling some over their heads or offering them a handful and telling them to “spread it where it’s needed”. The sheer joy on their faces when they realize they get to surprise another person with the surprise you just gave them is one of the reasons we got in to the confetti ‘business’.
This rice paper confetti is made out of starch and food colouring, you could even eat it if you wanted... After the party just hose down your patio and you're done! It fully dissolves and leaves no stains.