Light mix flower seed confetti

Light mix flower seed confetti

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Spread joy and fill your flowerbeds!

Joyful biodegradable confetti containing flowerseeds for some long lasting happiness anywhere you spread them <3

Throw it in the air, do a little rain dance (or water it yourself) and wait for the flowers to start growing! It may take a while, but your garden looks incredibly happy in the mean time :) Perfect for outdoor events, guerilla gardening and livening up your garden!

*spread it where it's needed* 

Both the confetti and the flowers that grow out of it brighten up any place.

Our bags contain about 4 grams of confetti, that's about 175-200 confetti.

Light mix = light yellow, pink, light orange, light blue and turquoise

Want to know which flowers to expect? Flower seeds

(want a specific set of colors or some custom packaging? contact us!)